Some information about the venue and how to get tickets

Starting out with live music in our old club, the Klimperkasten (right next door to the Colos-Saal, and still a very good place to go - now named ALOHA) nearly 28 years ago, nobody would have guessed what the Colos-Saal would mean to a lot of music lovers today.

This venue has not only become a platform for local upcoming bands, but a regular tour stop for international acts as well!

Once they played the Colos-Saal, they always enjoy coming back... a reliable audience in a good mood appreciating the live feeling along with the band - that's what we’re often told by our artists!

Maceo Parker for example has been performing more than 10 times already and recently would not skip the show even though he was sick like a dog!
Steve Lukather, Steps Ahead, Tower of Power - well known names in fusion music.... we enjoyed these shows a lot!
There are only few limitations concerning the range of music being performed at the Colos-Saal.

A KISS cover band can be up on Monday - a hot salsa band on Tuesday!
Wednesday could be your favourite jazz organist like Barbara Dennerlein, or even Brother Jack Mc Duff. Thursday night you might run into a cabaret-like-thing as well!

Oriental dance, R&B, Funk, etc... we have it all!
By popular demand, we end live concerts every second Friday with a DJ, but be careful: you are not going to listen only to the top 10 stuff - except if it's good!
Anyway - it stays crowded until we close...

Have a look at the menu point "hier spielten bereits ..." and discover a big list of well known international and local acts we had the pleasure of presenting on our stage in the past.

How to get tickets

We offer different ways to get to your ticket, just pick the one most convenient for you.

Online reservation

We will hold your ticket until the announced showtime and you pay at the door. Please note that should you (or someone in your group) not be able to make it you will have to cancel your reservation or parts of it 48 hours before the show, otherwise we’ll unfortunately have to charge the whole price.
Click the button "Reservieren" and check your "Reservierungsliste". Go on with "weiter zum nächsten Schritt = next step". Then choose one of the three options:

  1. Reserve the ticket without registration
  2. Choose option 2 if you are already registered
  3. Register now

In each case you will receive an e-mail confirmation which will state that Colos-Saal reserves the ticket for you and you have to pay it at the evening of performance.

Buy tickets and “print at home”

You also can order and buy all our tickets by clicking the button "kaufen". This will lead you to our distribution-partners "Advenue/Reservix" where you can buy all our tickets via credit card payment. Advenue will send the tickets to your home.

Alternatively, if you have the possibility to print something, you can also use their “print at home” service which allows you to print out tickets yourself. Please understand that there is a small fee for these services, therefore the prices are a little higher than on our website.

Please note that a ticket is no guarantee for being seated!

And finally

If you need help or have any further questions do not hesitate to email us ( or call the Colos-Saal office (0049-6021-27239), mo - fr from 12 am to 6 pm.